September 05, 2008

Call me!

Old fashioned manners with new millennium swank, The Mandate Press is cookin' things up hot and fresh with elegant letterpressed calling cards. Are they business cards? Heaven's no! Something much more civilized, Kids. These are calling cards that convey the message that you mean business! And that's a whole other story...and a much more intriguing one.

You can pick from such titled choices such as: The Artist, The Rockstar, The Secret Agent, The Femme Fatale, The Aristocrat, and others. "But, Uncle Beefy," you ask, "with no offered choice of The Eclectic Francophile/Anglophile Lunatic Hobo...does that mean you can't have one?" I'm guessing that's why you can also create your own custom design that they'll print for you?


  1. great - now I have to change my name to Kahlo

  2. Beefy, if you want me to call you, why didn't you just say so? Oh, but these are truly fab, my friend. And what will yours look like? I think you should use one of your silhouettes. I do love 'em:)

  3. need. desperately.

    officially my new obsession.

    {my word verification is crymi! jackpot!}

  4. had to kirtsy. thought about these all night {which has more to do with their genius crisp design and description and less to do with my boring little life!}...

  5. Hi Beefy,
    how are ya? Loved this post....ha!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

  6. Love these and the prices are great!

  7. Just found your blog. What delightful style you have!! I wonder if Art of Manliness recently found your blog too because he did a calling card article not four days ago.


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