September 17, 2008

Busy Bee...-fy ~ or ~ Boring Blogger Wednesday - Part II

This sweet lil' bee was out in my yard doing his sweet work...before Summer dies! :(

I know, Kids. I don't know what the hell is happening with me and Wednesdays?! But I am busy, busy today! Have to walk the dog, do some silkscreen printing for a friend who's a Saturday bride, iron a shirt, find a pair of pants, get gas, be to work on time (all this with no coffee). Then I have to get home as quickly as possible to check out Matt from Matt Bites who's gonna be on Martha today! I'm rootin' for ya', Matt! Then I have to fly out of the house and go buy something (!?!) to wear to my interview tomorrow morning! WHEW! Which, honestly, means that posting is highly unlikely tomorrow too. :(

I know, Kids. I'm sorry I'll miss you but I'll be back on Friday. Yes, it will be excessively difficult to make it through the day without my presence (It's exactly how I feel when I have to walk away from a know I'm kidding, right?) but you know what they say....the harder it is to pick the fruit, the sweeter it tastes! ;)

Until we get to see Mister Matt...this is BY FAR one of my favorite Martha moments with the sassy spitfire, Amy Sedaris!


  1. Good luck with all of your busy-ness, Beef! We'll miss you :)

  2. That video is totally hysterical! Thanks for giving me a laugh today -- I needed it.

  3. i loved amy sedaris on martha. in the full length version, i think amy asks martha how she celebrated her 80th birthday or something.

    amy's book is the best entertaining book ever, too.

  4. good lord Martha Stewart cracks me up. I still miss the old show - it was the housefrau Disneyland

  5. ahhh - that amy sedaris clip is the bestest!

  6. again with the hilariousness! thanks for the laugh, would love to have caught the whole show.

  7. mary...thanks for being patient! Though you know it's not the first or last time that I'll be exercising that with all y'all!

    Laura...glad you like the video! I could watch it over and over! Love how Amy says "I see you only have two...we'll do this." It's a riot! I'm glad it gave ya' a chuckle and hope that you're day today is a happy one!

    tula...OMG!!! Well then...I gotta track that video down! Thanks for the humorous heads-up! That book is hysterical...the photos!?!?!? Good lord!

    james...a little madness and laughter is always welcome in my world. Glad it was here when you needed it, Mister! Oh...and the interview? Went well, nice people. But denied in the end. :( Oh well...that's the breaks!

    em...I miss the old show too!!! This format still doesn't work for me as well. But there I am watchin' it, huh?

    dottie...there used to be a few other clips too but they're gone from YouTube? According to Miss Tula, we missed out...big time!

    pia...I'll keep bringing on the laughs while you keep bringing on the inspiration!!! Always lovely when you stop by :)

    And always lovely to have all of you stop by to say "hello!" Thanks, Kids! Mwah! :)


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