September 10, 2008

American Boy

Enough of the sad stories. I am loving this song right now. Seems perfect for a runway show. Don'tcha think?


  1. i totally love this song. and kanye and estelle and you beefy.

  2. Me too! It runs on my iPod every day.

  3. estelle is my latest style icon. she's so fantastic!

  4. Well I am actually loving this song right now.
    Have you stumbled onto Priscilla Ahn? A whole diff style of tunes but ...really good.

  5. Take me to New York I'd like to see L.A. I really want to come kick it with you... Love when she dances and her shadow has a different dance.

  6. raquel...stop it! Okay...don't. ;)'s just so darn catchy!

    dottie...she's certainly sportin' some style. Love her hair!

    shabbyinthecity...just went to youtube to check Priscilla Ahn out. Very mellow but easy breasy summery to me from what I heard. Good suggestion!

    Bee...TOTALLY! The shadow dancing was a nice subtle touch. But why would you wanna kick anything? Ouch! ;)


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