August 08, 2008

Wizard of Odd

"Dorothy...quit pulling your finger! One, that's not how you play
that game anyway. And, two, you're supposed to click your heels!"

(Such posing weirdness...?)


  1. ...And when you finally finish pulling that finger of yours, step inside Cafe Habana and eat some corn. It's does a body good.

  2. This isn't as bad as the hunched-back-hands-on-hips thing that a lot of models do, especially when wearing couture evening gowns. Because that is how one stands when attending a black tie ball or accepting an Oscar, no?

  3. bad pose for sure...but cute skirt...

  4. oh robin! I hate the hunched back hands on hips thing!! Hideous pose especially on the 9ft tall long limbed.

  5. I'll pose that way all day long if it means my hair can look like that.

  6. Nothing beats Cafe Habana -- yes . . . cravin' the corn. Not a bad outfit to go in either!

  7. I thought this was a very strangely styled Anthropologie catalog... thought it must just be me since everyone else loves Anthro.

  8. are we meeting here or in Texas?

    bee...yep, only me! (Though my other personalities are a bit upset at being passed over.)

    robin...I believe they call this look "the brokedown doll". What you don't stand like that while you're waiting for the bus? Boy, you must look pretty weird!;) (I do think "brokedown" is in the running for most overused pose!)

    joslyn...very "yellow brick road" isn't it? Cute! Love the look :)

    kathy with a k...(see my comment to robin) ;)

    mary...get to posing. (If that doesn't work...then I don't know what you're gonna do?)

    porter...I hear the corn is fab-tastic! But I think I might get some strange looks if I were to go in that outfit...but thanks for the suggestion. ;)

    erin...even those we love deserve public ridicule from time to time. Isn't that what birthdays are for?

  9. i love the color combo of her outfit but - yeesh - the positioning is all wrong!


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