August 22, 2008

Well, my bags are packed...I'm ready to go...

"That Denny's looks like a nice spot for a roadside lunch."

Good morning, Kids! Woke up to what certainly felt like a Fall morning today. Is summer really gone already?

I slept quite well despite the fright of a lifetime last night as I was out walking Fergus. It's really dark out here on the island (a mystery given Seattle's close proximity) so, needless to say, I carry some type of lighting instrument: candle, disco ball, or a flashlight. This is obviously so that cars will see me and not hit me or, perhaps, stop to enjoy a roadside lip-syncing performance. Kidding aside, I heard a car turn onto the road behind me, quickly turned on the flashlight, only to turn around to find a coyote sneaking up on me and Fergus. It scared the crap out of me! (Fortunately, only figuratively.) I chased it away but felt unsettled for the rest of the walk to say the least. To have come as close to us as it did tells me that I was lookin' at one hungry coyote.

So anyhoo...I'm going to keep it short today. As you may ascertain from the photo above, I'm getting ready to hit the road to visit my parents for the weekend. It's my Mom's birthday tomorrow so we're going to partake in the delights of Barn House! It sounds amazing as has been testified by Mrs. French and, since it is nearby the armpit of America that I grew up in, it gives me hope that someone's finally bringin' a little "deodorant" to the place!

I'm going to apply to some more jobs this morning. All's been disturbingly quiet in that arena...are you kids calling my potential employers? Well stop! You can't just blurt out and tell people have to allow me to gently introduce the Uncle Beefy administrative assistant dance. There's an art to these things, Kids. Let your Uncle handle things ;) But I am upping the ante by applying to a job in a "different" kind of way. I'm putting together a special package to see if that can't finally get someone to give me an interview!!! Honestly, I think it's pretty we'll see???

Have a loverly weekend, Kids. Happy, happy, joy, all of ya's! Mwah!

"I think my parents home would look so much better with some vinyl siding. Don't you? And aren't those the weirdest dogs you've ever seen? Things in the country are so different, huh?"

"Yeah, Mom & Dad...this is pretty and all...but where's the mall?
You know Forever 21 is having a sale right?! Jeesh!"

"What? There's nothing on t.v. and all those words in the books are hurting my eyes!"

The top photo is by Arthur Belebeau and styled by Mimi Lombardo. The last three gorgeous photos are by Paul Bellaart and styled by Mimi Lombardo from a story on the Cotswolds in the September '08 issue of Travel + Leisure. The cover is calling my Anglophile name! Pick up a copy!


  1. Hihi I cannot stop laughing after reading the text you've added to the photos...kind of gives them a whole new dimention ;-)!!

    I'm quite certain I'm happy that I do not live were you live after that coyote story! The only thing I ever meet when walking my dogs are a few stray, and very lustful stray dogs drooling after my bitches....

    Hope your job interviews went well this morning, and I'm so excited to see "the package" look quite dapper yourself in that first picture. Are you challening the competition Uncle?! ;-)!

  2. Have a wonderful excursion..:) Happy friday dear one.

  3. Your captions under these photos are hilarious. You must do that more often! You look amazing in the driver's seat, too, Beefy. I think you need to send that photo in with your job'll be hired in no time!

  4. Oh my goodness...I love that yellow chair!

  5. Just love that first picture . . . it's acutally my future husband.


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