August 13, 2008

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Here's the perfect little coffee maker to go along with your Cafe Femenino! No countertop machines, no cords, just a little morning-time elegance to grace your morning with The Daily Grind Coffee Flask from Sea & Jae. Spoon freshly ground coffee directly into the glass flask, add boiling water, and stir. Insert the filter and serve the coffee directly from the flask after four minutes of brewing. The flip-top lid opens automatically when pouring and keeps coffee hot for 30 minutes with an insulating cover of black neoprene. Yes, it has it's own little sleek black jacket....ooooh! Looks like it's more than just Justin that's bringin' sexy back. And I bet even he has to have a good cup o' joe before taking on that task! A'ight? Holla!

ps - Full disclosure here, Kids. I stole the title from
Sea & Jae as it was just too good to pass up. They've
TONS of other great ideas too...have a look-see!


  1. This would be so perfect, if only I knew how to brew coffee.

  2. Well, Miss Bee...for the time you spend wishing for a Starbucks delivery service, you could probably learn how! C'mon, "honey"'s easy! ;)

  3. is a red letter day for me. Thanks for the mention! As much as I appreciate it, this coffee carafe stands on its own for great design!

    Oh, and Bee, no brewing with this. If you can boil can boil water, right...then you can make coffee....good coffee! Get some of the grounds mentioned here and you'll never go wrong!


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