August 18, 2008

Studio Printworks Picks

Paul Loebach's "Yee Ha!" pattern. The rust on cream combo is a'callin' me.

Until I obtain the necessary funds to ditch the "orange peel" walls I'm forced to live with, wallpaper is but a daydream. I'm not fully certain if I'd be willing to commit to an entire room of pattern but I could commit to an accent wall here and there...oh yes, for certain. And I think I'd have to start the initial selection process at Studio Printworks. You know I love me some silkscreen and they certainly do one bang up job. Now the question for me would be "wacky" or "gentry"...??? If Paul Loebach's "Yee Ha!" pattern is any indication then it would appear I may be thinking "wantry" or "gencky"? I love it!

Paul Loebach's "Yee Ha!" pattern en masse. (Image from here...surprise, surprise.)

Fern (above) or Sgt Pepper Paisley (below) would be my more traditional leanings.

(Honestly, I can scarcely believe that this would be a pick for me. Between the 80's paisley flashbacks and the Beatles reference that is more than enough to send me running in the opposite direction. This clearly speaks to Studio Printworks art of seduction as well as design.)


  1. YE HAW All the way:) Cowboys on my walls...oh, the dreams I'd have ....

  2. Beefy, you NEED the "Yee Ha!" pattern on your wall(s). NEED it! I won't be able to sleep until I know it's safely pasted up somewhere in your home, where it belongs.

  3. The Ye haw wall paper is soo gorgeouse! Really fun!

  4. OMG! I love these, Beefy! But why on earth can't you marry the two motifs? Orange peel bohemia + Yee Haw fabulosity = pure, unadulterated, Beef. I'm definitely diggin' it!

  5. Well, Kids...I'm glad I'm getting all your support on the Yee Haw paper! It's so fun though isn't it?

    But now...and let's be clear here, Bee...wallpaper and orange peel DO NOT mix! Can you even imagine the atrocity created by trying to get $$$ wallpaper to fit onto and around all those damn bumps?! Dammit!

    It anyone knows how to get around this in some clever way...lemme know! :)

    As always...thanks for the comments!

  6. oh oh oh - love it. football helmets & cowboys oh my!

  7. Love the wallpaper - you should paper a large, really large canvas of the Ye Haw pattern and hang it as a painting.


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