August 19, 2008

Choc up the Vote!

Nevermind the worry of a recount or hanging chads...cast your vote the modern way, chocolate! Yes, you read correctly. New Hampshire confectioner, L.A. Burdick, has created the ingenious idea of "Campaign Chocolates". That's right! You can cast your vote for McCain or Obama by purchasing special flavor collections designed for each candidate...and then watch and follow the election tally! This is just what we needed to sweeten up this campaign...don'tcha think? So what flavors are you voting for?


  1. That is such a crazy idea! T-shirts, buttons, now chocolate?! What's next? Sex toys? Oh wait...didn't they already do that?

  2. Obama the chocolate selection and Obama the candidate get my vote!

  3. What on earth?! I'm not buying either. Take that! ;)

  4. Ha! Less tacky that the Obama PANTIES (I kid you not!!!) that I saw at Urban Outfitters recently.

    Since there are, regrettably, no Hilary chocolates available, this sweet tooth will be forced to choose a McCain confection.

    - Jesse :)


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