August 08, 2008

Pray, Eat, Love

Photo by Romulo Yanes

Yes, I am reading it...Eat, Pray, Love. But, if it were my book my title would be a much more accurate reflection as I "pray" for good recipes, "eat" to enjoy said recipes, and "love" when I find one. But whatever...I digress. I made this. An Oven Crespella with Nutella Sauce from Gourmet. It was delicious (and really easy) and I'm sure settled some unconscious emotional need that has failed to manifest itself in a healthy way. No matter. Just let your therapist's even better with strawberries.


  1. Good Lord. That looks fantastic.

    Don't tell anyone, but I've never had Nutella. And I'm Italian.

  2. Yes...the Lord is good, Mary. And this recipe proved it to me. ;)
    (Trust me on the strawberries though.)

    Ooh, and Italy just called me (weird, huh?) and they said they have no records of any relation to you whatsoever...??? Why would that be? Now you have your reason! Submit to the Nutella....NOW!

  3. WHAT?

    Off to the market to get me some Nutella. Pronto.

    (The word pronto is Italian, by the way. See, I really am.)

  4. Everything in this world is better with a little bit of Nutella. I use it to bribe my children. Wrong, I know, but quite effective in a pinch!

  5. That looks wonderful - oh yum!!!
    Nutella is the only way I can bribe my daughter to eat anything for breakfast - yes, that's how the Europeans do it!

  6. love Nutela on everything and anything. bananas, pretzels..eggos. i don't keep it in the house anymore.


    the book is wonderful.

  7. Hi...I found your blog via a mention of you on the Barn Boys' blog...I live in Seattle too...I've been laughing out loud while reading your blog...Love it!!
    I'm sorry to say that I live two blocks away from a French Cafe that serves dessert crepes to die for...If I've been a good girl and exercised a couple of times in a week, I feel that I deserve a reward, in the form of-yes, you guessed it...A dessert crepe...What's a girl to do? Take care, Katie


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