August 14, 2008

Poor Bee-fy.

Wickedy-whack image from here.

I know. What the....? Well Kids, we've known each other for awhile now, right? Oh, let's just get right to it...your Uncle is hung. No! Over! Hungover! See...this is already not going well. Aaaaaawwwww!

See my best friend "Dickie" is visiting from New York. So I went into the city to meet up with him last night. Y'know a little dinner, a little drink....all perfectly innocent. Well, with him I forget that alcohol can suddenly become part of the food pyramid....the biggest part. We had some mini burgers at Cascadia (which is, sadly, closing) and an Alpine Martini. Then we moved on to beer...lots and lots of beer. I know..."klassy", right? We then "walked" over to the Viceroy where we had more beer. They don't serve food except little dishes of Goldfish crackers. I must have looked like a whale gathering up krill! They couldn't have filled those bowls fast enough! And I think I paid $487 for a hot dog in Pioneer Square before scrambling on to what would be the longest ferry ride in history. They say that history repeats itself...oh and it does. My question is... WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!

Alpine Martini...I loved you. Ya' bastard!

ps - "Dickie" just wrapped up working on Project Runway. He assured me that Tim Gunn is perhaps the sweetest man you could ever hope to meet. So the night wasn't a complete loss!



    I also have a friend like deep down dirty Hotlanta.

    Think lots of appetizers and tiny foods at chic places, GALLONS of Choco-tinis, and complete memory loss.

    I'm going to visit him soon, so I'll have similar post in the next few weeks.


  2. hihi take care, and heal up well ;-)

  3. Excedrin is a true friend in times like these...

    And water, something I tend to forget.

    Glad to know Tim Gunn is really that nice, don't you hate when you find out that it's all fake for TV? Tho' it didn't ever seem that way with him.

  4. I adore vicariously living other people's hangovers...

  5. Oh, you pore thing.
    I feel for you.
    I heard Tim Gunn is nice as well.
    Such a sweet heart.
    Is it just me, or is PR starting to be a bit boring?
    Just think it has lost a bit of its magic....maybe its just little old me.

  6. Hair of the dog, Beef.

    Actually, I prefer Tylenol and lots of french press.

    Feel better soon!

  7. hahahaha...OMG, I laughed out loud at this: "I must have looked like a whale gathering up krill!" HILARious!

    This scene plays out all too often here in our town with a pair of friends we have here. $168 later, Rob and I have a bill for all martinis and no food. It's never a good scene!

  8. oh, I hope you are feeling better. Even though I don't eat meat and haven't eaten at a McDonald's in probably 15 years, there is something about feeling hung over that makes you want greasy awful food. Hope today you are just feeling run over and not so hung over.

  9. Thanks for the well wishes, Kids! I was pretty much okay yesterday but just EXHAUSTED! My poor body :( But don't let the baby fool ya'...I wasn't THAT sick thank god!

    And, want greasy food when you're hungover because the grease helps to flush the alcohol out of your system. So the McDonald's thing is actually almost biological! (Though I always crave bacon, eggs, hashbrowns...hold the coffee. NEVER want coffee on a recovering morning...a total mystery to me since I LOVE the stuff?)

    Thanks for all the comments, Kids. Y'all are so special! :)

  10. OK, first off, you know I love this image. Because somehow I'm taking it as a subliminal message that there was a drunk lil bee hangin' with you last night!

    Second, Beefy and Dickie? Were you guys part of a sideshow act with the traveling circus?! I don't suppose Chiclet was involved in last night's charades, was he?

    Hang in there, muffin. And eat cheese and LOTS o' grease;) I'm catchin' up on your posts. I've been a busy bee and really NEED some martinis!

  11. Bee...I KNEW you'd love that pic! I mean, c'mon! How perfect is that for YOU!?

    It isn't actually "Beefy" when "Dickie" is around. When it's me and Dickie...I go by the name "Juice". He always calls me Juice. The story behind that one is that I worked at a law firm YEARS ago. One of the attorneys had a baby girl and when she'd come in to the office I'd always sit with her and get her a little juice box. So one day the mom was driving by the office with the baby in the back seat. As they drove by, the little girl started saying "Bradford, Juice, Bradford, Juice" and the rest is history. But Beefy always stuck with everyone else!

    But enough about me! Let's talk about you! What do you think of ME?! :p

  12. Wow, I hesitate to restate the obvious but you're funny! Why o why o why must alcohol contain calories AND such a wallop when consumed in copious amounts? And beer no less? I'm going to have to reframe you Beefy. Here I thought I knew you so well.

    So Mr Stash just sat down to read comments on my site and came across yours on my hurricane fundraiser. I had to pick him up off the floor. No, unlike you, not from alcohol but rather from laughing.

  13. I loved this! So much fun...and what exactly is an alpine martini?

  14. know me well enough at this point to know that I try not to discriminate ;) Hey, I'm as good with champagne and caviar and I am with beer and pork rinds! Oh...I can roll with it, baby...I can roll!

    james...alpine martini is/was the signature drink at Cascadia. Citrus Vodka with a Douglas Fir Sorbet "snowball" and cedar frond. Quite tasty if just a tad sweet for me.
    If you click the link under the picture it gives you the recipe for the sorbet and cocktail! :) You should try it, Jimmy!

  15. Am I right I think Giada may have slurped an Alpine Martini on her show once?

    Anyhoo glad you had a good ole' time, I love living vicariously through other's fun.

  16. he he heee! "A whale gathering up krill" - you're funny even with a hangover!

  17. Wowza, that sounds like an interesting martini! I discovered the yummiest key lime pie martini in Las Vegas a couple of weekends ago ... mmmm!

  18. i was doing a search for the circus wedding you posted about a few weeks back and some how ended up here. i just spit up laughing hysterically all over my computer. thanks for being incredible uncle beefers.


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