August 08, 2008

Note to self...

My favorite quote so far from Eat, Pray, Love.
I wonder how hard it would be to tattoo this,
backwards, onto my forehead?


  1. Thanks for sharing that quote. I could use that on my forehead, too.

  2. thanks for reminding me of this. love richard from texas

  3. isn't that book such a great read...i could relate to so much of it. and that for sure is a great quote. i for one, certainly have a persistent likes to kick the backbone out of it's rightful place!

  4. I got through the "Eat" portion on my way to Italy last year, and never finished it. Shameful, I know. I really loved it, too! I think I'll pick it up again this week. Such a great quote though.

    And, you know, you could probably make a design that would embody this quote. Something with a wishbone...and maybe...I don't know. Ask Chicklet.

  5. alexis...I hear ya'! Oh I hear ya'!

    that girl...enjoying the book muchly and she definitely makes you feel good about that richard!

    james...are you reading or have read?

    s.... I especially relate to the breakdown parts and the food, food, food, parts. The yoga parts? That's gonna take some work!

    bee....I'd suggest an internet book club. But we'd probably just get drunk and forget to read the book anyway. So maybe something else? What you knockin' my "damn I gotta get a post up" design job? Maybe a pic of a Wishbone salad dressing bottle would have been more to your liking? ;)


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