August 08, 2008

Mon Dieu!

Espresso-Blackberry Macarons

Kids...this is not good...not good at all. We're in serious trouble or, rather, I am in serious trouble. Why? Because of Gourmet Magazine. Why for how come? Because it's coming on to September. Aaaaaaand? Because it's going to be their PARIS ISSUE! And they've made the foolish choice to tempt me with sneak peek recipes! Oh, the humanity! Now....where did I put those elastic waist pants?

French Red Onion Soup

Confit Duck Legs

All gorgeous photos by Romulo Yanes.


  1. Oh no. That French Red Onion soup is hurting me. YUM!

    Forget the elastic waist pants. Where's my mumu?

  2. why did you post these ridiculously gorgeous photos? i can feel my waistline expanding just by looking at them!

  3. you know, maybe i need to get subscription...

  4.'s all hurting me! Mumu? You know if I eat it all in bed then the bedspread would need to be my only fashion consideration. Oh god...I'm gonna need help!

    josephine...I posted these "ridiculously gorgeous photos" because suffering alone isn't as much fun.

    alexis...we're all in trouble!

    stephanie...I would highly recommend it! HIGHLY!


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