August 12, 2008

It's oh so quiet....

Image from Country Living ~ British Edition

Today is a quiet morning. And I feel quiet. You know, not that sad quiet but just a certain stillness that creeps in and gives us a little respite every now and then. Those voices aren't quiet very often in my case...and I'm relishing the rest. So rather than clutter things up I'm just going to be still. Be easy. I've got things to do (don't we always?) but think I'm going to indulge in more reading than writing today. Sound, okay?


  1. I hear you. Enjoy your day of stepping back and absorbing everything around you. :)

    Great, great image you've posted - the perfect compliment to your words!

  2. reserve your energy, darling. after all, tonight's the women's gymnastic finals! we've got some sparkling to do. :)

  3. No kidding. And the kind of day I'm having....ugh.


  4. the gorgeousness of the August light and the coolness of the air lend itself to a quiet day...enjoy

  5. Sounds like perfection. I'm saving up for one of these days.

  6. I don't really think of you as a quiet person ;-) But we all need quiet time from time to time so indulge in for as long as you can! :-) I'm in need of some quiet time as well right now as my mmums parrot is making a hell of a noise around here .....gosh I want to send that bird back ;-) Thanks for the quiet interior picture, it somehow calmed my mind a bit ;-)

  7. Hi Kids...thanks for all the comments!

    mary...lovely day was had :) Didn't that image just look quiet and serene? Glad you liked it :)

    amy...we all need it don't we? Too much go-go-go! And the title? That's the one!

    tula...American's didn't fare so well did we? But I sparkled just the same! know it!

    bitter foodie...poo, hope the day got better for you...??? Yes?

    em...perfectly well said. Though rain in August is gettin' me a bit worried about a jacked summer :(

    jane...don't save up! Cash in those chips NOW! :)

    mandco...oh, I'm not quiet most of the time! Lord knows! Why do you have your Mom's bird? Are you keeping it for good? Hope he's quieting down...that is some serious noise to contend with! was DE-lightful!

    Thanks All! mwah!


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