August 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home

While perusing the blogosphere a few days ago, The Bitter Foodie (in a lovely post) reminded me about Alabama Chanin. You may remember seeing Natalie Chanin, Founder, in the September '07 issue of Domino...? Well, somehow I managed to miss out on checking in with the remarkable creations that Natalie is producing with the help of local Alabama artisans.

You know I can talk a blue streak, Kids...and I could talk about Alabama Chanin and its products and mission until that blue streak went white hot! Natalie has created a vibrant business concept supporting the art of creativity and craft surrounded by a goal of sustainability. Handmade or hand-stitched, the offerings abound that would do any heart, body, or home a whole lotta good. And, Natalie, understanding that artisan goods can be cost prohibitive, even has kits so you can make your own tempting treats.

There are home goods, clothing, books, a documentary called "STITCH" that Natalie directed, a blog, etc. It's practically endless! As will be the joy you'll have emersing yourself in the heart of Alabama Chanin. And that is one sweet ending indeed.

(Product photographs by Charles Moore and Robert Rausch
from Alabama Chanin website. Portrait of Natalie Chanin
(in banner image) from September 2007 issue of
Domino Magazine.)


  1. oh, Beefy! How do you find these gems? I am in love with Alabama Studio Style...the fabrics are to DIE for and I am salivating to see the pillows. This is the best I have seen in a long time! (im thinkin e-zine, no?)

    thanks for the zing of inspiration today:)

  2. Uncle B,
    finally I get the chance to share with others how much I love your blog!!! Have nominated you as a Brillante Blog. Take a look :) Ju

  3. What a great concept! I love hearing (and seeing!) about little initiatives like this.

  4. Hi Beefy! I'm so glad you took my advice and featured AC. It's a lovely company with a great message, and deserves as many "lovely posts" and possible.

    Also, thanks for mentioning my blog. An honor!


  5. AC is my favorite!! I contemplated very seriously asking Natalie to make my wedding dress out of cozy yet beautiful jersey but I think my budget (alas) is a tad too tiny. BTW - AC has a blog and it is fantastic! There is also a flickr group of people who make her kits. And I'm sorry but I am too lazy to include the actual links...:) Can I just say, I love your occasional commentary on the Anthro catalogs? BTW

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I've been getting into creating sculptural lighting lately. Must do more posting :)

    And, must visit your blog more often!

  7. Adoooooree that green singlet!!


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