August 19, 2008

Heinous Brothers

Music's answer to syrup of Ipecac.

What in the hell are you people screaching?!!
No...I'm not old. Just tasteful.
(As much of a "pop tart" as I can be...this is unfathomable!)


  1. stinking hilarious! ....and very tasteful indeed, if I do say so myself.

  2. I refuse to even play that vid! Just looking at them is all I need to induce eye rolling.

    I'm in a very defiant mood tonight, huh?! ;)

  3. More crap from the Disney star-making machine. Don't worry, they'll be on drugs, getting out of limos with no underwear and baby-daddying in no time, and then Disney will drop them for breach of contract and we won't be subject to their, ahem, music, until they guest host the MTV video awards or some such on their comeback tour.

  4. Even my 7 yr. old daughter....yes, I guess I am old...and disgusted when they come on!

  5. I completely agree w/ you. Not old, just tasteful.

  6. I need to use that...Not old, just tasteful. Awesome blog, glad I found you!


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