August 29, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Have a lovely Labor Day Weekend, Kids! But no laboring...relax.

Relaxing lovelies from Magnus Mårding.


  1. happy weekend you...

    love those pics.

  2. Dear Mr. Beefy

    I am already missing summer. These pics just brought me back for a brief moment....just fleeting though. I live here too and can't believe the weather!!! Thanks for the memories.


  3. These pictures are perfect. Unfortunately my weekend was not quite as serene...but still a blast! Hope yours was both.

  4. Hi Kids! usual...for the comments! Sorry I've been a bit late in steppin' up here.

    joslyn...hope you had a lovely weekend with the family. Love these pics? What about the pics of your house on d*s?!! Holy cow! That place is amazing and I "hate" you for it! ;)

    bitter foodie...hope your weekend was a relaxed and lovely one. :)

    Carol...thanks for stopping by and leaving the comments :) Didn't it feel like we got a bit robbed of our summer this time around? :( Loved these photos as they reminded me of the times when there was a season called "shummer" or "thummer" or something like that...I forget ;) doesn't have to be is good too! Even loud crazy fun!

    Thanks, Everyone!


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