August 15, 2008

Happy Weekend!

(Ode to the Blackberry...from the Bitter Foodie.)

Out and about on what will promise to be a hot summer day (no complaints here!). I love this time of year as this is when, while out on my walks with Fergus, I can start to smell that flowery-fruit sweetness of the blackberries moving toward ripeness. The scent can permeate the air and make the night feel a bit otherworldly. For us in the Pacific Northwest, blackberry vines can be a never-ending invasive plague for gardeners, but you'll usually still see us at the side of the road, with bowl or bucket, plucking the plump beauties. Just a lovely marking of the season.

Off on a little fashion buying trip with my
friend Sarah! No, not for me...for her store.
Have a Happy Weekend, Kids!
I'll see you Monday...unless of course I just can't help myself...???


  1. I COULD dive right into that photo. Yum!

    Happy weekend, Beefy! :)

  2. Thank you for posting a pic of Fergus! What a sweet little teddy bear he is!!!

  3. Happy weekend Beefy, enjoy

  4. BTW, I love that your favorite books are coloring books. That just warms my heart.

    Yep, I've scoped out your "about me" page. I'm officially a stalker. SORRY. I mean, what the h do you expect me to do when you leave me stranded for two days? I need my Beef!

    Which is altogether strange, since I am a vegetarian.

    I can't be left to my own meandering thoughts, Beef. Clearly. Please return soon. KISSES!

  5. I was just at a place in Oakland for brunch on Sunday called Blackberry Bistro and had the yummiest homemade blackberry soda! Yummm!


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