August 20, 2008

Good Godbey! That's the Ticket!

This morning...this rainy, rainy, Fall-like morning (not entirely happy with this in August), I received my long anticipated copy of "The Ticket" by illustrator Cory Godbey of Portland Studios. This is a 28-page softcover book of pure imagination (not to mention talent!). Based solely on black & white illustrations we follow the magical journey of a young girl. What's the story? Well, while it's a possibility that Cory has the storyline, the narration is left entirely up to the reader as there isn't a lick of copy. And that's what I love about Cory's work...his imagination becomes a springboard for your own. And couldn't we all use a little more of that in the world? Mmm, hmm...that's "The Ticket"! (For more background on the creation of "The Ticket" click here!)

One of my favorite illustrations.

And here's a tempting "trailer".


  1. This is beautiful and so alluring! I want that book!! ;-)

  2. Wow....This is new to me and I LOVE IT!


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