August 18, 2008

Good Charlotte

Impressive, elegant, and infinitely easy...Raspberry Charlotte.

Two super favorites from the Gourmet archives and an eaaaaaasy-peasy way to a restaurant worthy meal! Life's short so I put dessert first with Raspberry Charlotte. I've made this twice now and it has impressed both times. Granted, your Uncle would probably bump up the Brandy but with a few simple ingredients you'll create a memorable mouthful. But you gotta get something a little hearty in there, right? But it's summertime so you don't want heavy... then it's Fettuccine with Sausage & Kale (I recommend using the Turkey Italian Sausage over the pork.). Six ingredients with sublime results. Tonight or tomorrow or whenever...when you taste these you'll know you earned it!

Light but utterly satisfying...Fettuccine with Sausage & Kale

Photos by Romulo Yanes.


  1. mmmm. that pasta will be in my repertoire this fall!!

    I LOVE an all in one pasta dish (ya' know - meat, veg, starch, just like mother taught me)

  2. HOLY YUMMY!!!!!! This looks insanely delish. I'll be over in 10 hours. I'll bring the wine.

  3. I'm bitter and craving a bowl full of carbs, that looks like it would go perfectly with the bottle o' wine I'm currently drinking. YUM!

  4. bad boy, you are making me hungry!

  5. em...this is SO seriously tasty! And I hear what you're sayin' with the all-in-one. And Mother would be proud as I usually put in extra kale! Good for me, good for m'booty! ;)

    courtney...a pinot noir would be great! :) can put the bitterness to rest in a short amount o' time with either one of the carbeauties! bad? C'mon bad too! Though you're usually more drink than dinner, huh? I'm just sayin', then, that we'd make a good pair!!!


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