August 11, 2008

At the Café...Café Habana...take it away Mr. Manilow!

("Dorothy" was the front of Café Habana - you can click to enlarge)

You may recall, the other day, when I posted about the posing weirdness in the latest Anthropologie catalog....? Well, it seemed that Courtney and Porter just bypassed "Dorothy" altogether and commented more on her location indicated by the painted wall behind her....Café Habana. So I had to do some sleuthing. I mean if there's the potential for a decent meal after fashion mockery...I'm lookin' into it!

(Inside Café Habana)

Uh...yeah....this place sounds amazing! Cafe Habana is in New York's Nolita neighborhood but there is also a second location in Brooklyn called Habana Outpost. First off...Uncle is gonna saddle up to a Cafe con Leche, Chilaquiles Verde con Pollo, with a Michelada to wash it all down. (What's a "Michelada"? Ask Cheryl!) Hey, I gotta build up my strength for lunch don't I? I mean, I gotta get to Brooklyn for lunch and that's gonna take some energy! (Yes, yes, as will the shopping...I admit it.)

(The Habana Outpost.)

So the Brooklyn location, Habana Outpost, is all uber-eco! You wanna throw some cheese-slathered roasted corn in my direction while basking under a solar panel awning? Bring it! Compostable and biodegradable place settings made from corn and sugar cane, water reclamation system, and even a make-your-own smoothie with a bicycle-powered blender (Though...maybe not so great on those "recovery" mornings...know what I'm sayin'?). Owner Sean Meehan even holds art, fashion, and music events at the Outpost (not surprising, perhaps, as Sean's one of the original folks behind Etsy). Etc., etc., etc. There's so much going on it's exhausting! Which works out well 'cause I'm gettin' hungry for Mexican Style Grilled Corn (Miss Courtney got their recipe!), a Torta de Queso Blanco y Aguacate and a Margarita...or two. What? It does an eco-conscious body good! Doesn't it? (Bee? Paul? Wha'dya think?)

Courtyard at the Habana Outpost. I could tough it out! But I'm strong like that.

Sidenote: Can someone please explain to me how a restaurant in New York/Brooklyn can afford to serve Brunch plates for $7/$8 and Sauza Margaritas for $7.50, but we're slopping down $12 Bacon & Eggs and $11/$12 Margaritas in Seattle?!?! Illuminate my mind on that one!

(All photos from Cafe Habana website.)


  1. I don't know the answer to your question, but being a loyal reader, I volunteer to go to NYC in October and find out!

  2. Seriously this post has me all hungry and drooling. But then again, most of your posts seem to have that affect on me.

    I had no idea that guy was behind Etsy. interesting tidbit beedy!

    I want corn. Really badly.

  3. So is this the site for the BEEFY09 conference? I think it should be.

  4. Damn, who knew?! Do you realize that you know more about this little town than I do, Beef? OK, so really. When are you coming to NYC already?! I will SO plan a killer itinerary!

    And thank you so much for the sweet post about your little ones. I love that you adopted your dog and those sweet little kittens. I heart you even more now:)

    PS: I think my girlfriends and I are going to Cafe Habana on Thursday actually! I'll let you know:)

  5. Hi Kids...

    em...sounds good to me! (Seriously though...the price differences are crazy wickedy-whack!)

    courtney....well don't look at me! You started it, Sister! (Thanks for the "cornage"!)

    Mary...It would seem like it would be a toss up between here or Texas...? What to do?'s the damn conundrum...I got plenty of time to go to NYC (but don't tell that to the myriad of unfinished projects I have going...they don't need to know) but I don't have the $'s with no job. Then, of course, once I get the time! Oy vey! But I'm gonna need an NYC fix sometime soon (I hope!). But you know you're in trouble when that happens right?

    I love me my fur kids! They're sweet...and by my feet!

    Let me know how you like the Habana? Miss Courtney & Porter giving it two thumbs up? Must be darn good!

  6. sounds delish!
    thanks for the nod - I was just perfecting my michelada last night - hope to post soon

  7. Wow, that place looks like heaven, I'm going to have to go on my next NY trip!

  8. Hmmm, I HAVE to go there when I'm in NYC next...thanks for sharing this!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

  9. I give it two thumbs up too!! And Court is amazing with the durn recipe... that girl is CONNECTED.


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