August 07, 2008

Connecting the Dots

Hey, Kids! Check out your Uncle over at Still Dottie! She did a great post with a bunch o' other bloggers about their favorite magazine indulgences. It's mag-tastic!

This was one of my picks. Funny...a couple other people mentioned it too....?
It's good that I'm no longer the only one who reads it. I'm SUCH a trendsetter!

That's my sweet pooch in the corner! Hi, Beebs!


  1. Hey! I LOVE Country Living mag as well!!!!

    I knew I liked you Beefy!


  2. Oooh, so happy you mentioned Country Living! I also read Country Home. Yay for you!

  3. design for mankind...Funny thing. I said that very thing to myself in the mirror this morning. ;) (Are you kidding me?!! Right back atacha!!!)

    bitter foodie & mary... Well, then I am glad that I stepped up to the plate in that department! It can't always be about "Domino", "Dwell", and "ELLE Decor", y'know? I like to shake things up and put a lil' hoedown in m'mags! Holla!

  4. Good list Beefy.
    Well done.
    Love Gourmet as well, want to work for them so bad......maybe one day.

  5. Good choices, I have slipped off my no magazines wagon this month, it all went wrong when I discovered a copy of Vogue living Australia in a local news agents : (

  6. oh i love domino! do you use the little stickies they already have inside for you so you can mark the pages and ideas you like?? i totally do! i thought that was a brilliant idea on their part :)


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