August 09, 2008

China takes the gold!

Last night's 2008 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony was breathtaking! I can't even recall the number of times I found myself picking my jaw up off of the floor...?!?! Clearly the best Opening Ceremony to date and I really can't imagine how this could be beat?! For this, China most certainly wins gold. Hope you didn't miss it...but here are some photographic highlights if you did.

Photos 1 & 2....from National Geographic.
Photos 3, 4, 5, & 6...from
Photo 7...from The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.


  1. Wasn't it AMAZING?!?! I could never have dreamed up anything so incredible. No words... I spent all day finishing up my Olympic Roundup post and now my Olympic Fever is higher than ever!

    I linked over from Made by Girl and found some great stuff today-including your blog!

  2. It was truly stunning! Could'nt belive my own eyes most of the time :-)

  3. Dramatic & theatrical. I'm totally impressed!

  4. Thanks for the comments, Ladies! :)

    and, rachel...thanks for the compliment! :)

  5. oh beefy, it was soooo out of control fabulous. my people are completely nuts, but they sure know how to put on a show.


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