August 21, 2008

Chateau de Boeuf

(I may be indecisive about a lot...but the classic American Farmhouse is tops on my architectural list. You'd have some tea with me on the front porch, yes?)

This is a long one, Kids. But at least it's long on the visuals and short on all my blahbiddy-blah-blah. This is, believe it or not, a small compilation of images that might just reference a potential dream home in the making (metaphysically speaking...for now). My style is quirky for sure and lord only knows what an interior designer and a psychotherapist might concoct from this menagerie? But these represent some of the bits and baubles that might welcome you should you receive an invitation to the Chateau de Boeuf.

Oh...and I should let you know that this may be located in one of the following locations: Carmel, or the Bay Area, or Napa, California ~ an island in the Puget Sound of Washington State ~ Salt Spring Island, British Columbia ~ Nelson, British Columbia ~ Maine ~ Nova Scotia ~ Ireland ~ England ~ Scotland ~ or France. You case you need to make travel arrangements.

(Photos sourced from Domino, Country Living, Living Etc., & Kenneth Brown.)


  1. Chateau de Boeuf is awsome! I love the classic/quirky style ;-) Its the best of everything! I hope I get an invitation when its completed ;-)!!

  2. and tea is served at *what* time?

  3. mandco...Oh you'll get an invitation alright!

    sarah...shouldn't we really discuss this first? Maybe a visit and we'll talk. I get the big bedroom though ;)

    em...teatime is anytime at my house! Or coffee if you prefer. Or vodka.

  4. I just gave your blog an award cause it totally deserves it! Check it out: the post wherein you are awarded

  5. Maybe you should have a small cottage on the premises to rent out for weekends/ vacationers?

  6. Oh, help. I would not only have tea at such a house, but wine, beer, OJ, coffee, water, rum, vodka, V8, grape juice, prune juice, ANY KIND OF JUICE...hellllooo!!! Do this, dear Beefy, or anything even similar to this, and you will have to swat away guests with a rolled-up newspaper.

  7. How about a house in each place you mentioned :) Why be modest?

    I did start my "fun" blog roll after being inspired by you! (Maybe I will change the name, but that is my working title for the moment) The mix is needless to say - eclectic - any suggestions? Can you suggest more witty blogs to include?

    And please check out Camilla Engman's interview today :) Enjoy your weekend!

  8. so, i've been a lurker on your site for quite a while...but had to come out of hiding + comment...each of your dream locations? they're mine too. an island in the puget sound has always been on my dream places to live. lovely, lovely photos.

  9. How lovely, it all looks so peaceful!

  10. I vote for Bay Area or Napa...then I could come for weekends!! ;)

    I love old farmhouses too...especially white ones.


  11. Loving!!!!!!!!!

    Beefy - I think you and I a separated at birth.

    We have exactly the same taste!


  12. Oh, Chateau de Boeuf is perfect....better start planning it's guest house!

  13. Love all the pictures, especially want the globe!

    Is that a bag of water suspended over the table?

  14. Wow, Kids! Lotta comments here! Do y'all like design? Huh...didn't know that ;)

    celestyna....THANKS! That's so sweet of you! I appreciate it :)

    megan...or maybe a few cottages? Like a little compound of cuteness! I wouldn't touch that kool aid if I were you ;)

    mary...that's why I'll have to make it a little less convenient to get to! I can assure you that all those beverages will be available. I may even dress up like a flight attendant and run around the house with a cart! (Did I mention that I'd dress up like a "boy" flight attendant? that's optimism at work! I like it! One home in every corner! Thanks for the linkage! I'll think about the "title"...??? And more blogs to add :) (LOVE Camilla!) I said, thanks for coming out of the darkness to say "hi". Don't believe that woman from the Poltergeist movies...come into the light, Simplesong...come into the light!

    ::{J}::...The peaceful look? That's the deceiving part ;) My whack brain needs someplace peaceful! That's not, like, an institution...y'know? Just to be clear. of these days, one of these days! And you'd be invited anytime!

    bitter foodie...Were we separated at birth? Let's be clear. We don't have the exact same just have my exceptional taste ;) (Kidding...hee-hee! You're laughing right?)'re going to be the first one I call to help set up the guest rooms! You'll come up with the best "Welcome" baskets!

    d. sharp...Well, D., since you've been such a lovely guest I guess I could let you have the globe. And, YES! That is a bag of water hanging over the table!!! I was wondering if anyone would notice? Apparently, it distracts bugs away while dining alfresco! They get all woogy looking at their reflections or something? Good I a bug?!!

  15. I will be dreaming of the bedroom w/ the stripe pillow, for days!

  16. You have so found my soul. I could live in any of those places. But being a little biased I wouldn't give up the Puget Sound for nothin!!! By the way I have been lurking on blogs for a while now and have seen your name on quite a few of the comments. So cool you live in my area.


  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I am SO having tea w/you on that porch!

  18. These are completely gorgeous but I don't see my guest room anywhere. GLARING omission, wouldn't ya say, Beef?

    Oh. OH! Oh, I get it. You're giving ME the master suite? How thoughtful of you. Please let Fergus know he is welcome to crash in my room anytime.

    Also, light and sweet (the coffee, love). Kisses!!!

  19. What a lovely farm house. I saved a copy of it in my dream house file as well. Thanks for sharing.


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