August 15, 2008

Blue is the new green.

Eva Solo Ceramic Bird Box & Eva Solo Handblown Glass Bird Feeder

At Bluehouse, anyway where they've got some great "green" goods! The Ceramic Bird Box has an adjustable entrance so you can attract different varieties of birds, a little ladder inside for chicks to climb when they're ready to move on, and is designed to reflect heat to avoid roasting our fine feathered friends. The Glass Bird Feeder...let your backyard birdies think they're livin' it up at a posh resort with this oh-so-stylish accessory. But do something nice for the birds as it is estimated that approximately 7 million wild birds are killed each year due to pesticide use by homeowners (~ from Country Living Aug. '08). I'm just lettin' ya' know.

I know some may doubt it, but your Uncle does have a little bit of a crunchy granola side to him. (Within reason people!) And this publication kind of calls to those bits of self-reliant fantasies... A Handmade Life ~ In Search of Simplicity by William Coperthwaite. Living on a homestead on the north coast of Maine (Did you know I'm also something of a "Maine-iac"?) Coperthwaite, "has fashioned a livelihood of integrity and completeness—buying almost nothing, providing for his own needs, and serving as a guide and companion to hundreds of apprentices drawn to his unique way of being." Do you think I could get away with tending my organic garden in Prada loafers? C'mon! Well, either way, it's an inspiring ideal.

LOOOOOVE these Biodegradable Bamboo Flower Pots! Don't let the fashion forward fabulous color palette fool you, Kids! Made from sustainable bamboo, natural starches, and pigments, these lightweight lovelies are fully biodegradable but will last about 10 years if used as an accessory. But stock is limited and when Bluehouse is out...that's it! And, with a price point of $3 ~ $7 (!?!) your bank account will stay as green as your garden!

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