August 20, 2008

Aqua Fresca

A couple of my favorite pics from the September issue of Domino. Looking at these I either need a vacation to someplace tropical or I really picked the wrong place to live!

It's that wallpaper that grabbed my Suzy Hoodless.
I swear! She's popping up everywhere now!


  1. oh uncle B, I was drooling over this mag yesterday, then I ended up buying the UK mag Living etc. aug issue which is drooly too, golly gosh it must sound like I am sitting in a pile of spit!!!!!

  2. Oh Amy, yes indeed, "Living, Etc." is certainly spit-worthy! In that REALLY good way! (As long as the pages don't get wet no one gets hurt!)

  3. I just stole that top picture from you, because I've been obsessed with that couch since I saw it in the magazine yesterday :) so thanks!


  4. I too have this issue and noticed these pics.

    If you need a vacation Beefy, come on over to balmy 'ol Ann Arbor!


  5. Great interiors, and I can see why you love the tropical coloring! Mmm I think I'll join you on that holiday ;-)

  6. Love love love that wallpaper!! It makes me so so happy:)

  7. Gorgeous! Just bought this issue today and have yet to crack it open...I'm chomping at the bit!

  8. I just linked over from your mention on That Girl Designs. Gorgeous blog you have here!bm

  9. I love the first image. All the colors and patterned couch just works so perfectly.

  10. yes, great rooms.

    btw: i've given you and your blog a little award. just visit my blog and yesterday's post for details. enjoy!

  11. problem. Mi casa es su casa!

    bitter foodie...I'll take balmy Ann Arbor over Why-Even-Bother-To-Stop-Raining-In- Summer Seattle! So yucky here right now :p (whine, whine, whine!)

    mandco...ah yes, a nice tropical holiday, Sounds nice, huh? And you can join me anytime, Monica! But I'll want to do a lot of window shopping so be prepared!

    simplygrove...isn't that paper the best! Fun, fun, fun!

    mary...GET ON IT! This is Domino we're talking about...crack that puppy open!

    rachel...thanks for the head's up! And thanks for stopping by :)

    jessie...The color palette is SO great! But I do think the right lighting would be key. Probably too dark for my home...bad light :(

    that girl...GEE, THANKS! That's so nice of you! I'll get on my list next week! It'll be a biggie!

    Thanks for the comments, Kids!

  12. loved that same top picture from Domino - too bad my house is as dark as a cave!

  13. yes i loved that top image too...that blue wall...swoon!

  14. i totally had the same reaction to the wallpaper. i love it! also want the stool. yes, please, and thank you very much.


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