March 12, 2008

These shoes were made for walkin'...(really!?)

I've had to ask myself fairly frequently, as of late, how I didn't get involved in the fashion industry for a career? I think it's no secret at this point that I am drawn to fashion. As Kendall put it..."for [me], fashion is art." And that can be very true. Though now that I think, have I really posted much about it? Hmmm. Perhaps something to add more of in the future? Oh I think so. in the Pacific Northwest purple is more often fleece than fashion-forward. But after perusing through Splendora's "Purple Reign" I was able to relish the edgier side of this most regal color (I feel like I'm into some royal thang lately....????). I mean, these little pieces are pretty "patent"-ly delicious! (Okay, Ladies...I know these pumps don't necessarily prompt one to hike through the woods...but maybe a runway?)

Christian Louboutin Lapono shoe boots


  1. love your finds uncle B. Now, please open a boutique so I can shop there!xo Miss J

  2. Love this color of purple! When I had my hair brown this was actually my best color! The shoes are gorgeous! but beeing 6 ft tall,and having been stuck on a runway in shoes like that, I think I'd have them displayed as art rather that actually walking in them;-)

  3. Hey All :)

    Joanna...sorry for even going there's "a hot mess" isn't it?!

    Miss wanna start the "Help Beefy Own A Boutique Fund"? Donations gladly accepted ;)!

    M&Co...this is my favorite shade! So rich! The shoes would be great as art! Actually, as a kid my Mom owned (still does) this great pair of brown alligator pumps and I so want to shadow-box frame them! Honestly, it was less the shoes themselves than the way they sort of transformed her and I LOVED the sound they made when she walked in them. That comfortingly elegant "click, click, click". Sigh. (Oh Lordy...I need a therapist!)


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