March 31, 2008

Stop! Hammer-time!

No Hammerton. Catherine Hammerton to be precise. Graduate of the Royal College of Art in 2005, this London-based "Designer-Maker" describes her makings as "Printed & Embroidered Textiles for the Fabulous." I know it's a bit feminine in feeling but line me up behind that velvet rope! By utilizing silkscreen printing (printmaker's shout out!), hand embroidery, and digital technology, Catherine has certainly made use of everything old as new again with her modern-vintaged aesthetic.

In addition to these sweet-dreams pillows, she does phenomenal bespoke wallpaper treatments and amazing fabric designs (see below). Catherine has straddled that line between artist and designer and done it brilliantly. (And the website is SO fantastic! Great work by Redbiro.) And I cannot possibly wait to see what her creativity stirs up next. All in all....I'd say Ms. Hammerton has hit the nail on the head.

(Click on this to enlarge. I mean, come on! It's fantastilicious!)


  1. I just came upon your blog today through design sponge! I love it! I am now a frequent reader ;)

  2. I want one! But then I would have to get an entire bedroom to go with my new pillow.


  3. Oh wow, they are amazing!
    Love the purple one...
    I love to se artists put in so much work.

  4. I LOVE her pieces! They are like soft lil' pieces of art. I guess that's why I posted about her, huh?

    Thanks Your's is pretty great too!!! :)

    Tangobaby...isn't THAT the truth! I'm pickin' up what you're throwin' down!

    See Paul...I love the purple one best too. But the wallpaper of cut-out birds is pretty great too.

    Thanks for the comments, Kids :)


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