March 07, 2008

Shakin' Bacon

I wouldn't mind finding this inside my Easter basket...know what I'm sayin'?
(from The Grateful Palate)

Who knows what the consequences of posting something like this will be on the heels of "Eco Week" but I guess I'm taking my chances? (Be patient with me, Kids...your Uncle is seriously sleep-deprived and editorial capabilities may be a bit askew at the moment. (But the new job is going well.))
Maybe it's that I'm reading a book about food, or that I am working around it again and experiencing the wafting scent of bacon in the morning...but that smoky, crispy deliciousness is on my mind (and, yes, a little in m'tummy). I...(pause for dramatic effect)...LOVE bacon! I know, I know..."if you love it so much, why don't you marry it?" Because I'm certain there must be laws against that...that's why! (Aren't there?) But hey, no law against expressing your love...and in more ways than I ever thought possible?! I mean really?! (Check out these offerings (and even more online) from Archie McPhee's - a Seattle institution.)

Galliano should create his Spring '09 line around this as accessory. Don'tcha think?

When you carry one of're always livin' high on the hog!

Yes, but can it mend a broken heart? Um, yeah...well...yeah, I bet it would probably help.


  1. the bacon wallet is both hilarious and horrifying.

  2. Have you heard about the bacon lollipops??? See yesterday's national Daily Candy. (or was it Tuesday? Maybe...)


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