March 04, 2008

Patience is a virtue.

Oy vey! Things have been in a bit of a whirlwind of late and I must admit to something. I've been tagged...three times! More important is the fact that this happened a number of weeks ago and I've yet to get to any of them.

They say "patience is a virtue" right? Well then, the three of the most virtuous women would have to be Joslyn of Simple Lovely, Shannon of Make It, and Jess of Treasuring. Ladies, my profound apologies for taking so bloody long...and a little bit longer, I'm afraid. But I will chip away a bit by starting one step at a time and, Joslyn, you're up. So here goes...

This is a rather interesting spin on "the tag" as it requires one to open to page 123 of the book they are reading, read the first five sentences, and post the next three.

"You recheck your basket: the tortelloni are floating. You go back to the pan and swirl it again - almost ready, looking like a custard. But three more orders come in, you deal with them, and by the time you get back to the pan, just thirty seconds later, the liquid is mottled: still a sauce but a diseased one, very ugly, not something you want to eat."

Next up...Shannon of Make It...and I will! I promise. :)


  1. Thanks Uncle Beefy!
    I LOVE this it last year and it made me hungry the entire time (well except for the time he spends with the butcher ;-)

  2. Thanks for being such great troupers ladies :)

  3. this was so good. i loved it! i listened to it on tape, so bill buford read the whole thing:)


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