March 12, 2008

Le chapeau d'oiseau

(Click on the photo to enlarge.)

This is a petite party hat that I made inspired by Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. While the movie left something to be desired, the styling of the film was spectacular. It's quite small and has a similar little jaunty heir like the hats below.

Kristine loved it, and it loved Kristine. (I know Kristine...I need to let you have your hat now.)

My profound apologies if my French is atrocious.


  1. Love the hat, so much fun.
    All you need now is a stylish party!
    I also love Marie Antoinette.I have seen it 4 times and every time Im blown away by the costumes and the decor.
    Love the clips with all the cakes.

  2. Soo beautiful!What a great hat for a party ;-)!!

  3. Thanks, Kids :) Much fun to make! I think there may well be a milliner in me fighting to get out as I've been a bit obsessed with hats lately...?

    And always glitter! I mean, c''s ground up happiness! That sparkles no less!

  4. The hat is fabulous! But I haven´t seen Marie Antoinette yet, it´s on the list, though.

  5. This is absolutely awesome. love the bird and the hat!!!

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