March 05, 2008

It's Summer time!

Kristine said it best tonight by suggesting I post this. (Embedding was disabled.) Never have I understood the visceral nature and power of a music video more profoundly. Three 12-hour days and counting on the new more to go. Oy. Thanks for the support, Kids!


  1. Busy,busy. Take care, you don't want to come down with a man cold! Thinking of you!

  2. Haa, Donna Summer is fantastic! Can I wish you relaxing weekend, Uncle? ; )

  3. Oh I'm doing okay :) Thanks, for lookin' out for me. Nice one on the "man cold" ;)

    Hi Mirka :) Isn't that video hysterical! Sadly no relaxing weekend as we have some catering events to put together but it'll all be good. I'll relax soon enough....I hope :)

    Thanks for sending the sweet wishes.


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