March 21, 2008

How do you Drew...

Drew is quite the gal about town these days. And with good reason as far as I'm concerned. She has evolved into such an appealing woman; elegant, approachable, fresh, quirky, sexy, straightforward. I loved her photos both on and in the March Vogue (But really?! Only two photos of the cover girl in a 660 page issue?!). Love the Drew Cover Girl commercials while ANTM-ing (Kendall and I are torn between Lauren & Claire at the moment. Okay Kendall is all about Claire but I kinda like the quirky underdog quality of Lauren. Oh but that walk!? Ugh! Anywho...). Now our Miss Drew is taking to the pages of Domino! Can't wait! If you wanna see pictures you can check out Joy's or Holly's (or Domino) for those. Me? I'll wait patiently by the mailbox. Or, until then, watch this (the funny side of Drew)....

(Or this...the sultry side of Drew) How I love that this (above) is the same woman as this (below)! But I think it's this very combination that makes Drew so appealing.

(Top & bottom images of Spring/Summer 2006 Missoni campaign from Domino cover image from, well, Domino Magazine)


  1. I love that you have a label "Leaving the 80s where they are." LOVE Drew.

  2. She's soo stunning! She has that best-friend feeling to her ;-)

  3. Hey o.p., thanks for the comment :) Granted, I suppose there were some things from the 80's that weren't SO bad, but hardly enough to warrant ushering in the entire decade all over again!

    M&Co...well said, "that best-friend feeling". Totally. :)

  4. That "Body FuZion" skit is one of my faves. So funny!


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