March 30, 2008

Home (could be sweeter) home.

Loving the new Anthropologie home catalog and the styling inside. Surprise, surprise, huh? But this room really caught my eye. Love the blues and greens and what I wouldn't do for that height & light! But 4 feet is certainly charming enough for a ceiling height ;) Afterall, I might not have the opportunity to enjoy all that "popcorn" up there if it were any higher! Ugh! All things in time (that's what I'm counting on, anyway).

This serves as a reminder of how much I need to do around the house. I should blog about it here so y'all would keep me on task. (We'll see about that....?) Like some of you have with my illustrious studio! Many have inquired about what happened (?). Sorry, I's been so neglected since becoming gainfully employed! Will have to start that up soon....again! Ah...artists! ;)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

Images from the Anthropologie Catalog online. And there are more!


  1. yes! i love it when they have the home issues!

  2. My financial situation would be a hell of a lot worse if we had Anthropologie in NZ...luckily they don't even ship here! Uncle B i feel your pain...seem to spend more time nannying (to pay my rent) then I do on my growing design work...and when I should be doing design work..I am mucking around on my blog which earns me no money at all!!! sigh

  3. UB :: haha!... we're psychically connected or something ;)

    great post!


  4. Annie...oh yeah, I love me the temptation ;) I EVER hear you on that one!

    E. ...if your bank account is bigger than mine, then I'm okay with that ;) Then let's go Anthro-shopping!

  5. it's divine. anthro is my Achilles heel without a doubt.

  6. oh i love this! i just bought a vintage bed, and am looking for inspiration!!!


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