March 18, 2008

Good egg.

Can you possibly imagine that this Sunday is Easter?! It seems so crazy to me this year and I do imagine there may well be a few parents continuing their post-St. Paddy's day recovery during an Easter egg hunt. Nothing like screaming children bathed in pastels to wake one's sobriety. I just say "thank you" for such a chocolate-centered celebration! My belt won't say "thank you", but I will!

Altogether, I simply felt like I had no time for any sort of preparation. Calendars are not always a reliable source of information regarding annual worldwide events/holidays ;) And while these lil' lovelies from J. Schatz aren't exactly "Easter eggs", they do provide some middle ground for the upcoming day with a bit of year-round design quotient.


  1. Oh gosh these are soo cute! I'm sure the fashion birds would be thrilled living in a pink, egg shaped house!!

  2. no i cannot believe this weekend is easter. i mean, are you sure?! it just doesn't seem right, it is way too fast, i'm catching myself still writing '2007' on my letters and forms. but if you say it is easter than i believe you so happy easter uncle beefy!


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