March 14, 2008

Back In Black

Alexander McQueen

Yes, I am in a "fashionisto" state of mind at the moment thanks to Project Runway, SNL and Christian Siriano. Looking through Style and British Vogue, this Fall/Winter '08/'09 is all about the black...with hits of some red, white, and silver. Kendall said it best, "Black is the new Black!" If we all take regard they will be glamorous seasons indeed. Though we'll need those pops of red and silver sparkle to prevent us from collectively looking a bit dour. Overall, some amazing artistry took to the runways for the various fashion weeks around the globe and it looks like Mister Christian was right on target. These are some of my favorite picks. (Click on any image to enlarge.)

From the showroom, to the classroom, to the ballroom...
Zac Posen

From the corner office to the principal's office...
D Squared

Introduced to me through Melissa at Ruby Press, Jenny Packham's collection is absolutely breathtaking and a distinctly modern homage to retro glamour. She is most definitely on my top list this year.

They say..."You better work!" Oh, and Jenny did. Did she ever!

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  1. I love the Alexander McQueen collection. The details are wonderful! (But then it always is with him ;-))
    I'm so glad you showed Jenny Packhams collection! She's unfamiliar to me, but wow is she talented! Love it!

  2. Great photos - I have to admit, at first, I thought Christian was a bit obnoxious. Talented, yes, but obnoxious, nonetheless. However, by the end, he captivated me and I was really rooting for him despite the girl power I felt for Gillian.

  3. I am so glad you showed the Zac Posen collection. People don't realize that he will be showing in Paris in a few years. He is just too big for New York. Look at his web site. It has been operating like an iphone since BEFORE the iphone: let me know what you think.

  4. He is the freak I just love!!!! I love the dress in the middle of the 9 grid.!!!!

  5. Oh Uncle Beefy,

    I wish you really were my uncle. My real uncles are quite boring. There are two Zac Posen dresses that I really must have, and I know that you would get them for me if we were related.

    My birthday is in November. ;-)


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