February 29, 2008

A Rags to Stitches Story

For some it's enough to pick up a canvas bag at the grocery store, others want something a bit more stylish, still others of a more industrious nature have other things in mind and this post is for you....

Joy Langtry was inspired by her mother, who started sewing fabric bags almost 20 years ago, just because she could. Eventually, this would lead her to begin her own "rags to stitches" story with Rags-to-bags.com. Advocating the use of fabric shopping bags instead of plastic or paper, Rags To Bags provides step-by-step instructions for sewing fabric grocery bags, and then goes another step further. Directions are provided for adapting old clothes into new bags – recycle dress shirts with ink stains, worn-out denim work shirts, old jeans, sheets and tablecloths, the "rag-bag" is the limit! And there’s more… If you have a group in need of fundraising ideas, the site offers the steps to adapt this concept to a fundraising activity. Also in development is a comprehensive list of stores that reward customers for bringing their own bags.

Now that's the way to be a do-it-yourself-do-gooder...nicely done, Joy.

(All images from Rags To Bags)

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