February 27, 2008

Proud & Loud(ermilk)

(Image of eco-designer Linda Loudermilk from W Magazine)

Honestly, I'm a mixed bag. On one hand, I dream about living off the grid (really) and fixing dinner with produce from my own organic garden...on the other hand I love bacon, showering, and fashion. These latter points aren't likely to get me an invite to commune living any time soon and, for the time being, I think I'd be okay with that. The trouble with all of this for me is that I never could quite grasp the correlation between a healthy planet and having shaky personal hygiene and style? The reality is that it's the new millennium and I simply have no desire to look like a cast member from "Hair." Well...the times they are a' changin'....

(Images of Couture Collection from Linda Loudermilk website.)

I first encountered Linda Loudermilk when watching an episode of Get Fresh with Sara Snow. I was amazed and enthralled when I saw what Linda was doing (and the fact that she was also producing a men's line). Fabrics made from bamboo, corn, seaweed, organic cotton, wood pulp! And her style is far more likely to be seen 'on the town' than on a commune anytime soon. This is unequivocally "fashion" and the price point only serves to drive that point home. But while I can only dream about organic cotton denim jeans for the moment it is something to aspire to nonetheless. (Did you know that it takes one pound of pesticides to produce one pair of jeans?!)

[Louder]milk...it does a body (and a planet) good!

You can watch more on Linda Loudermilk and her designs as
well as other eco-mavericks (like Lara Miller & Stewart + Brown)

right here.


  1. I see a collaboration on an eco-chic organic hipster commune in our future. Ha!

  2. See, Cheryl! NOW you're talkin' my language!


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