February 27, 2008

Mixed Greens

Sara Snow, Danny Seo, & Renee Loux

Three of my favorite guides to an eco-friendly lifestyle and they are all successful in spreading their own versions of the gospel of green. Sara Snow is best known through her two television series for Discovery Health Channel, "Living Fresh" & "Get Fresh with Sara Snow", her more recent production. Danny Seo writes a monthly column for Country Home Magazine, as well as numerous books, a dvd, and currently filming a new series for HGTV "Red, Hot & Green" debuting this summer. Finally, Renee Loux has approached the green movement primarily from the food side of the organic equation with a number of books, but has parlayed her passion into becoming another eco-lifestyle expert with television and magazine features as well as her own television special, "It's Easy Being Green", on the Fine Living Network.

Here are a few moments from Sara, Danny, & Renee in action...

Sara Snow

Danny Seo

Renee Loux


  1. Talking of going green, have you read Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, vegetable, miracle"? I can feel my life changing with every page I turn - seriously!

  2. Hey Heather! I remember hearing about this on the radio and wanted to pick up a copy...THANK YOU for the reminder! It's pretty great, huh?


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