February 21, 2008

I say, Watson [Kennedy]!

After my little trip down Francophile Lane yesterday, this is a perfect follow-up. One of my favorite places in Seattle to browse, Watson Kennedy. Owned by Ted Kennedy Watson (that's him in the picture above) he named the business after his father (no, not himself). Started as a wholesale business in 1994 he now owns three stores total with two in Seattle (Pike Place & 1st Avenue Downtown) and one in Bellevue...all dripping with Francophile style. C'est magnifique!

If you've ever wanted to walk through a stylized photo in a magazine this shop is a phenomenal fix for that as the merchandising is crazy delicious to feast your eyes upon. I get so swept up in all the great offerings (vintage and new) that it seems perfectly reasonable to whip out the credit card and buy an antique cafe table that I cannot afford. "You know, I'll take two! One for the Summer house. (Wait a second...what Summer house?! Uh oh.)" That's usually the moment I know it's time to satiate myself with a trinket and leave. Good Uncle Beefy, good Beeeefy. Whew!

If you come to Seattle you gotta go. But until that day arrives you can always peruse the website for some of Ted's spot on selections. Good show, Watson [Kennedy]!


  1. the first time I went to this shop, the clerk told me she worked only Sundays - and only because she loved hanging out with all of the beautiful things there!

  2. I can absolutely see why "M"! And if she got the employee discount...that wouldn't hurt either ;)

    Hmmmm..."M"? So "m"ysterious.


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