February 20, 2008

I love Paris...anytime.

The previous post got me to musing over my trip last March to Paris. It was my first time to Paris (the best Christmas present EVER from Kendall!), and it did not disappoint. This is one of my favorite images from the trip, a courtyard off the Rue Mouffetard. We were sitting at, what else, a sidewalk cafe watching the world go by. And what a lovely world it was (is).


  1. i'm with you uncle beefy. paris = best city ever.

  2. You're so lucky, we're planning a trip to Europe that will hopefully be soon! I can't wait to visit the city of love (:

  3. you make me miss walking cities!

    and your collection of posts is incredibly diverse and fresh...so geeked up that i found you!

  4. Thanks all for the lovely comments. I still cannot believe that the picture is real AND I took it...? I thought it a bit cliche to maintain my fantasy of visiting Paris, but once I did it charmed me even more than I ever thought possible. I mean I almost cried (literally) eating the cheese! J'taime!


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