February 19, 2008

Great Danes

Congratulations, Denmark! The happiest place on earth!

The official rankings for the top ten were 1) Denmark, 2) Switzerland (my cousin would attest to that), 3) Austria (people don't sing on mountaintops for nothing), 4) Iceland, 5) Bahamas, 6) Finland, 7) Sweden, 8) Bhutan, 9) Brunei, 10) Canada. The United States pulled in at number 23. For more information on the rankings go here.


  1. I think I read once that Denmark offers its citizens an extremely substantial amount of holiday leave. I think that would do it for me....

    That, and the good design. :)

  2. True that, Ali...true that :)
    Denmark is one of my favorite places (though I have a number of them really). The countryside is absolutely breathtaking but I also love the vintage sweetness of Tivoli in Copenhagen. I miss my traveling days very much...sigh...


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