February 22, 2008

Black & White & Fab all over (snap!)...

Black and white, the forever classic.
I mean is there really anything else that would need to be said? No.

Oh c'mon...I kinda couldn't not under the circumstances.

Found via Studio Home Creative, these are pieces from
New Zealand furniture designer Phil Cuttance. Okay...
the mirror? Are you kidding me with this kind of amazing?!

B&W French & Silhouette Canvas Totes from Mothology

Vetements Skinny Tie Necklace & Vetements Polka Dot Bow Necklace

from Paraphernalia

Ceramic Sparrow Vase from Urban Outfitters

Well, it's kinda black and white....?
C'mon...it's Nina. And she's waiting for you here.

notNeutral Black Ribbon Coffee Service at Velocity

Black Nesting Tables from Tracy Porter
(I know, it's not really b&w but...that Chinoiserie look, love it!)

Both pottery pieces (above & below) from Kristen K. Swanson.

Aegri Somnia Troubled Dreams Original T-Shirt from tealtown

Black Wolf Tray from KG + AB

(All photos derived from respective websites.)


  1. Love the black and white finds, uncle B. Have you ever considered opening your own shop? You have such great taste! And VOGUE! Oh, how I love that video. Will you vogue for me next time we meet? I miss that! You've got the moves and the style!

  2. Thanks for adding out teal town tee in the mix, it makes it look amazing when you put all of that classic stuff around it!

  3. I'm reading my way down your blog! I'm so glad I found you ....sooo many gorgeous posts!! I'm adding you to my LOVE list ;-)

    I'm a black and white girl....or at least my interior and clothes ...I imagine I'm quite white inside..or at least the top layers ;-)

    Adore the mirror and the hooks are hilarious!

  4. Oh thanks "miss j."...you flatter me so! Ah remembering the days of "voguing" in the studio? Good times, good times :)

    And, "mrs. r."...it was my pleasure :) You have some really great stuff in your shop and were in perfect company with "all of that classic stuff around it" :)

  5. HI "m&co"! Isn't that mirror incredible?! Love it so much!
    Kind of hard to go wrong with black & white.

    So happy that you're enjoying the blog :)


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