July 18, 2012

Wood, White, & Wire: The Wares of Father Rabbit

wood, white, and wire products from online retailer father rabbit

Just some of the beautiful wares available at online retailer Father Rabbit. Lots of simple, clean, refined to rustic pieces for home, hearth, and body. I can just envision the type of sweet home where you'd see these kind of objects. Just hoping that visualization finds me living there, too. 


  1. Father Rabbit is rustic simplicity done best. Love those wire storage baskets. Plus their styling/photography is spot on.

  2. Oh me love it!!!! I want the cute herb pots and the simple tray!!! Retail therapyyyyyy....

  3. These are great pieces! I love the naturalness to them all.

  4. Love these. and Father Rabbit?! AMAZING shop name.

  5. These pieces are fabulous! Love anything made of wire.

  6. I'm so chuffed to read this - heart is glowing xxx thank you from Claudia @ father rabbit

    1. Well, you are most welcome, Claudia! And thank you for putting together such an amazing aesthetic vision for us all to enjoy! Cheer! ~ UB :)


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