March 01, 2012

Innermost Thoughts

Innermost House California
So, in keeping with my thoughts expressed in the previous post, I'm fascinated by small homes and those who inhabit them. Oftentimes, these people are looking to live off of the grid, be mortgage free, environmentally conscious about their footprint, and/or looking to live life more simply.

Of all the tiny alternatives I've seen, this one has especially captured my attention and imagination. Called "Innermost House", the 12' x 12' structure located in the mountains of Northern California is home to Diana and Michael Lorence. For seven years they have called this cozy abode home. I love the definitive aesthetic considerations that they've made to both the home's exterior and interior. (I love the black siding!) While a bit more sparse in the interior design than I might be inclined toward, it definitely speaks to simplicity in a lovingly refined way. Although, truth be told, I honestly don't think I could live this small or without electricity.

However, given the frequency with which the power goes out where I live, while having an appreciation for a lit room and a running refrigerator I also have a profound appreciation for those unplanned moments of utter stillness. We become so attuned to the quiet "buzz" that permeates our surroundings that we easily equate "white noise" as no noise. But, when everything is brought to a standstill there is a peacefulness that is disturbingly wonderful once you surrender to it. Nothing in that moment matters as much as the moment you're in and you have a instance to simply 'be'.

How "simple living" would you be willing to go?

Innermost House CaliforniaInnermost House CaliforniaInnermost House California


  1. Could I live this simply? Yes, but.... I was going to say "but not forever" but it's a bit different than that.

    I love the big city (and miss it right now living in a smaller one..sniff...). And I also love the contrast of living much simpler and in a smaller space. When we lived in the big smoke (Toronto) we were lucky to have a cottage a few hours out of town.

    In town we lived in the heart of the city - smack dab in the centre. City life was all about the arts and walking and restaurants and theatre and film festivals. Cottage life - well, no tv, no computer, no social media. Just swimming and books and drawing and hiking and kayaking.

    So yes, I COULD but for me what makes it special is the contrast to my "regular" life.

  2. Wow, this is incredible. I too, find myself drawn to these kind of lifestyles and marvel over the simplicity. However, I am not sure how cut out for it I truely am. Last week the power in my house was out for most of the afternoon and while I was fine with dining by candle light, I had a slight fit over all the food in the freezer...
    I think babysteps are the way to go. One can downscale and pursue a simpler lifestyle without having to give up electricity...

  3. i do adore a bit of cozy, but at 6-2, well above 200lbs - me needs a bit of elbow room - otherwise there would be some vase knocking and shin bashing - which isn't a pretty sight.

  4. I too have been looking into living simply, and I often struggle with the question of how. How do I start? How would I choose land, build a house, and do all this with no experience? I've been searching, looking, planning, and picking my brain. I've found books like "Rolling Homes," "12x12," "The Moneyless Man," etc, but I am left with uncertainty. All I know is that this type of life is so inspiring to me. There seems to be peace that comes with simplicity. There's peace living out in nature. I wish you the best of luck on your search, because it somehow seems like a super gutsy move to make in this 'modern society' that we live in.

  5. beautiful. I love this video and story. For exactly the fact that I could NOT live this way, I don't think. But, I love her grace and simplicity. And definitely admire it from afar. Happy to know that there is such a lovely little place, in this world. Thanks for sharing this, Beef.

  6. Thanks for all of the thoughtful comments, kids. It would seem most could not live at quite this extreme. But, I liked the way it highlighted the beauty of a simpler life even if an extreme representation of it. I think we could all aspire to our own version of a simpler life. There's plenty of room for creativity in that. I know mine will involve a small home, but it will also include solar panels, chilled champagne, and some place to bake you a cake! :)


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