February 14, 2012

Portland General Store: Nice Package

Portland General Store
Portland General Store


  1. Whiskey is my scent! I love it.

    Check it: http://jeremyandkathleen.blogspot.com/2011/12/whiskey.html

  2. Love whiskey! Love great packaging! Love your blog!

  3. Your over the top usage of the word "kids" turns me right off this blog every time I visit.

    No amount of wonderfully shot and posted pictures can fix that.

    You need to rework your vocab, my friend. You sound like a 60 year old in a mid life crisis trying desperately to be young.

    It's not cool.

  4. Kathleen... That's great! And, a glowing recommendation when coming from you!

    Will... Thanks for the comments and the support.

    Brad... Interesting feedback. At the very least, I'm old enough to know that there are infinitely more gracious ways to share your opinion.


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