February 14, 2012

Katharine Watson

Katharine WatsonKatharine Watson


  1. thank goodness someone is bringing back linoleum prints. i love them. they were my first foray into printing after ye olde potatoe stamps proved too tasty to resist!

  2. Love those, especially the red flower bag.

  3. These are absolutely stunning. "B" for Brianne, and Beefy! Happy day of hearts :)

  4. Love her work and color choices. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of something ELSE that I need.

  5. kurt... thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments! Nice to have you here! It's so nice that people still have an appreciation for this art form. Hope you only ate the un-inked potatoes? ;)

    Mary... like Kurt, thanks for following along here and taking the time to share your thoughts. Yes, the red bag is super cute!

    brianne... Ah! Ya' caught that one did you? Yep, couldn't resist the "B". ;) Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!

    Kim... Right there with you on her design and color choices, but are you *really* thanking me here, Kim? ;) Glad you're finding things here that you like! Believe me, I wrestle with my own "But I'm helping the economy!" rationalizations.

    Thanks for the comments!

  6. I love her work and am so happy you introduced Katharine! I just ordered an "M" for my daughter. I have no idea what color it will be...but I know it will be gorgeous and it's like having a little work of art. i need to go back and read her "about" story.


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