February 13, 2012

Going Bananas

Bananappeal Banana Cake Gilt TasteBananappeal Gilt Taste


  1. bah-nan-nahs! shut the front door. jarred banana cake, move over potted beef! what will they think of next!

  2. absolutely love your blog! so glad i found it.

    my mouth is watering already! so cute and convenient.

  3. Yum!!! Luckily, I just had a walnut-banana muffin:-) Have a bananas day!

  4. Oh, you do have a way with words, Uncle Beefy ;) This does look pretty amazing...must get me some.
    Hey, thanks for making my blog, your blog of the week! I'm honoured - that's very sweet of you.

  5. you are crazy, this was unfair! how you find these things is beyond me. ordering today. :)

  6. THESE LOOK AMAZING!!!! I know what Im going to be making this weekend :)

  7. I think I lost about half my workday to Gilt Taste yesterday. Just dangerous. And bananas? If I can hold off eating the bunch I have in the house now, I may just make some yummy banana cake.

  8. These look so good.....and kind of dangerous. I think I'm going to have to find a way to get one to my home very soon!

  9. Wow! Look at all these comments... for banana cake!? Y'all must be big fans of potassium, too! I mean, you didn't think I posted these purely for indulgence? Surely you understand that it's the health benefits of keeping your potassium levels up that prompted this post?

    Yeah... I ain't buyin' that either. Yay for cake!

    Hope all y'all have had a happy week! TGIalmostF!

  10. I do love this dessert in a jar concept and I'm a big fan of Banana cake too!

    Have you heard of Gü? I think you might like these too :) Look here:




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