November 07, 2011

Sweet Surrender

Sweetapolita Marzipan Pear Cupcakes


  1. I want a cupcake for breakfast.

  2. Yum yum! How much do I LOVE cupcakes of all varieties....don't think I will every get bored of them, you can never be creative enough with a cupcake. These ones are beautiful :-)

  3. Sami... maybe I'm just a little tired of making them. But, hey, always willing to indulge! Thanks for poppin' in to leave this and all your other lovely comments. Much appreciated!

    Melanie... nothing wrong with that! I mean, it's fruit, right? ;)

    Anna... thanks for dropping by "The Bedlam!" And, thanks also for the comment and the follow! Nice to have you here! :)

    Thanks, Ladies! Hope you have a lovely start to your week! :)


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