November 09, 2011

Patched Up

Patch NYC


  1. oooh, I could so use a few of those killer candles in the loft!

  2. Gimme some scented candles:-) Love & love! Igor xoxo

  3. Many thanks Uncle Beefy for the great mention on our scented candles and Feel Good Pencils! Your support makes us feel extra good!
    John and Don

  4. Erin... have you smelled them?! Glorious! And, as far as your 'loft' is concerned, it's a good thing I adore you or I'd hate the hell outta ya' right now! ;) Lucky you! :)

    Design Elements... Thanks for stoppin' by! Aren't they the mostest?!

    Igor... You have a candle fixation, don't you? No worries! Me too! And, these are exceptional! xoxo

    John & Don... Aw, guys! Yay! You're more than welcome for the post! Are ya' kiddin' me?!! With all your fabulousness how can I not? Hope all is well with you both. Nice to see you here!

    Thanks for the comments, Kids! Mwah!


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