November 10, 2011

Good Prospects

Prospector Co. - product
Prospector Co. - link
Prospector Co. - tester kit


  1. You always find amazing things!!! I just LOVE everything you post, Bradford!!!!!

  2. Oh, I LOVE!!! You know I am right there with you with packaging! I always say I'd buy a dog turd if it was packaged up prettily enough- haha!! :)

  3. Igor... you find some pretty spectacular stuff yourself! But, you're sweet for saying so. :)

    Melissa Davis... How in the Melissa Davis are you doing?!! Lovely to see you would be an understatement! And, child, it's all about the packaging ain't it? Lord have mercy! Hope you and the fam and the biz are well. We need to have a chat again one o' these days soon! Miss you! xoxo

  4. LOVE the package labels and branding - especially on the sample kit!! :) xoxo - liz


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